Accepting Adulthood


Adulting sucks! I hear this often. But, accepting the reality of adulthood is a key transition we all have to make…

University = An emotional roller coaster, which will take you up, down, back up and back down, sometimes more in one day. Be prepared for heavy workloads yet lots of apparent time for socializing, which will be your ultimate demise.

Urban Dictionary

Work = A place where people have to go everyday to get paid. Also known as “hell”.

Urban Dictionary

Making the transition from university to work can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be!

life in the workplace. accepting adulthood can be fun!

We can help young adults!

During August 2018 UPvisor returned to the students that had some examination preparation sessions in May. The aim of this session was to assist them in their preparation for heading into the “real-world” after varsity.

The theme of the day was learning to Accept Adulthood, and involved the following:

1. Basic Excel skills – a short course around the basics of Excel. This skill will serve them well as they move into the workplace. It is a foundation which they can build upon in the future.

2. Personal Finance skills – an introductory session addressing some critical questions new employees might ask, such as:

  • Preparing a personal budget
  • Matching income and expenses
  • Managing my cash flow timing
  • Things to consider when I buy a house or a car
  • What does my payslip look like?
  • What are my retirement options?

This session was highly interactive. The students finally had an opportunity to express their doubts and concerns in a safe space.

3. Professional skills – a practical session where students attempted multiple tasks with tight deadlines in a group. They learnt more about communication, time management, problem-solving and professional behaviour.


The overall feedback on this session was great! We are excited to visit them again in 2019.

Check out the gallery to see these and other attendees participating in UPvisor’s activities.

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