Executing for you

We know that the primary focus of a business owner is to bring feet in the door, strategise and manage their operations effectively. Very few small business owners really have the time or mental space to think through what the numbers are telling them. Plus, they might not even really care, because there’s money in the bank, right?

We understand that you might not:

  • Have the financial resources to pay for a full-time financial partner
  • Need someone full-time because, actually, your operations aren’t that big yet
  • Understand the financial implications of your operational decisions
  • Have good control or understanding of your cash flow and profitability situation
We have a variety of solutions that may just be the perfect fit for you!

Part-Time Financial Management

Our dream is for you to finally be in the privileged position where you can delegate all those things that you dislike and are not good at, and just focus on what you love! That may even involve employing a full-time financial manager, or even a CFO, that can really walk this business journey out with you. But you might not be ready for that quite yet. So in the meantime, we’re here to fill that gap, and prepare you for those massive dreams that keep you up at night!

We will:

  • Execute the role of a CFO / Financial Manager as required from 1 hour per month to multiple days per week
  • Be part of your team and ensure we create cohesion in your finance and operational teams
  • Prepare your business for a full-time Financial Manager by putting the right controls and procedures in place

Consulting for Efficiencies

Using our extensive background in finance and reporting, consultation services are offered for the development of models
in Microsoft Excel, as well as dashboards in Microsoft PowerBI. We work with your needs to build a custom solution for you.

If you, or your staff, are wasting time through:

  • inefficient, repetitive spreadsheets
  • constantly scratching to find information to make decision
  • manually putting reports together
  • inefficient processes and procedures
  • having poor financial and other controls

then this is for you.

Focusing on automating routine actions, creating templates with complex functions, and building dashboards so you can have information at your fingertips, we put in the time and energy once-off so you don’t have to keep doing it everyday!

Strategic Coaching

We all need someone to make sense of the chaos and get us through the crisis, right? And often in our small businesses, we have to traverse complex and scary obstacles alone.

So whether you need a brainstormer, an accountability partner, or a sounding board, we’re here to help you achieve those (crazy awesome) dreams you have for your business.

With our strategic coaching services, you will:

  • Have a holistic strategist by your side to help you run your business more successfully
  • Benefit from a PERSONAL accountability partner and coach to help you achieve your business goals and personal vision.

Group Mentoring

Having a strong network of people you can share your journey with can make a significant difference to the success of your business.

By joining our community of small business owners, you are able to benefit from:

  • Shared knowledge in the group
  • Learning from experiences and mistakes of other business owners
  • Being inspired and motivated to keep going when things get tough
  • Sharing your business challenges and gain insights as to a new way to tackle old problems.
  • The networking potential within the group. You never know who might be on someone else’s contact list
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