Your Career Journey: Top 12 Resources to writing your CV


Writing your first CV can be a challenging experience. In this blog post we’ve gathered the top 12 resources around CV writing.

curriculum vitae/kʌˈrɪkjʊləm ˈviːtʌɪ/

a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous occupations, typically sent with a job application.

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The post will look at the following areas:

  • What is a CV?
  • How to write a CV
  • What not to write in your CV
  • What employers look for in a CV

We have included links to a variety of content. It includes articles, videos and infographics. Which means, there’s something for everyone! Enjoy!

What is a CV?

There is a slight difference between a CV and a Resume. They also each have slightly different purposes. Generally, in the job market, the request is for a Resume. The terms, however, are often used interchangeably.

*Note: this post will use the term CV to refer to both a CV and Resume.

Check out these resources that explain the differences between the two.

1. The Difference Between a Resume and a Curriculum Vitae

Image by Adrian Mangel © The Balance 2019

This article written by Alison Doyle includes a comparison of:

  • The difference between a CV and Resume
  • CV and Resume examples
  • Tips to write a CV and Resume

Follow the direct link to the article here:

2. CV vs. Resume: The Difference and When to Use Which

This article by the Undercover Recruiter includes a great summary of the difference between a CV and Resume. It also considers which form is preferred in different countries.

Follow the direct link to the article here:

How to write a CV

There are a multitude of resources available that explain how to write a CV. Some of the most popular and useful ones are included below.

3. How to Write a CV for a Job in 7 Easy Steps (15+ Examples)

sample resume templates

In this article written by Michael Tomaszewski, he explains the process of writing a CV. He uses simple terms and his steps are easy to follow.

Follow the direct link to the article here:

4. Resume Builder

The above article was posted on In the article you will see a link to their Resume-builder.

This comes with a number of different templates to use to create your Resume. This is a great tool if you don’t have anything to start with. They also allow you to import your existing resume.

Although this isn’t a free tool, it is definitely useful and will be a great time-saver. Check it out at this link.

Pricing for Resume-builder

5. Top 10 Free Resume Builder Online Reviews

Top 10 free resume builder reviews.

We all prefer free over paid options, don’t we? This article by Paige Doepke from explains which Resume-builders you can use for free.

Check out the direct link to the article here:

6. How to write a powerful CV

How to write a powerful CV

This is one of the most-watched videos about writing a CV. The
Utrecht University
explains how to go about it in 4 minutes. If you want a quick, to-the-point resource about writing a CV, this is it.

What not to write in a CV

There will always be “dos and don’ts” to anything we do. Below are a few warnings to be aware of before you jump into writing your CV.

7. Ten Things to Avoid When Writing Your CV

This article by Chris Clarke concisely lists ten things you should avoid if you don’t want your CV landing in the bin.

While you’re at it, you might want to browse around the other posts on their site at the Student Journal. Although based in the UK, some articles may provide you with some insight into Your Career Journey.

Follow the direct link to the article here:


In case ten things aren’t enough, here is a list of THIRTY things you should avoid putting on your CV. Although some might overlap with number 7, this list is a lot more exhaustive.

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9. 5 Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Prefer watching over reading? We’ve got you covered. Check out this video about the top 5 resume mistakes. Socially approved content as evidenced by the 600+k viewers 🙂

What employers look for in a CV

Sometimes you might forget that someone else will be looking at your CV. If you keep in mind that you need to write with your audience in mind, this will be half the battle won.

Below are a few resources explaining what employers look for when evaluating CVs.

10. 4 things employers will look for on your CV

No alt text provided for this image

Glassdoor lists 4 areas employers try to spot in your CV. For example, embellished skills (i.e. exaggerated), and career progression.

Follow the direct link to the article here:

11. Revealed: What recruiters really want in your CV

Revealed: What recruiters really want in your CV
Infographic by

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12. The Resume Trends of 2018 and How to Take Advantage of Them

When Searching Job Candidates - Mini Infographic - Resume Valley

One of the most important trends in recruiting, is the impact of social media. Keep this in mind the next time you post personal photos on Facebook…

Follow the direct link to the article here:

Bonus Articles

13. Free CV Templates

Fl326 Blog Free Cv Templates Banner

This article by FutureLearn provides a number of Free CV templates as well as a summary of CV essentials.

Check it out at their direct link here:


There are many things to keep in mind when writing your first CV. However, don’t get bogged down in the intricacies of having the “perfect” CV. Rather, jump in and just get started.

Once you have the basic idea, you can tweak and touch up until you find the perfect format for you.

Good luck with your writing endeavours!