How do we cope in an ever-changing world?


The world around us is constantly changing. There are new inventions coming about and new generations of technologies taking over! But how do we as individuals and businesses cope with the stressors that come with a rapidly ever-changing world?

Here are five strategies to adapt and build resilience for the rapid change in both your personal and business life:

1. Accept Change

Change can be extremely conflicting. But it is only human to feel overwhelmed by resisting and rejecting change. The disadvantage of avoiding change is that you may lose out on possible business opportunities and the lessons it brings about.


Therefore, the best way to benefit from change is to accept it. When you’re ready, you can begin to explore the many wonders and opportunities it may bring for you and your business.

2. Continuous Learning

By keeping an open mind, you and your company will be exposed to new information and skill. The more you know, the better equipped you can be. So, attending webinars and conferences may expand your knowledge and skills. This new knowledge can help you develop a heightened mindset that is well adapted to face new challenges and be set for any failures or successes. Consider accessing free learning resources on websites like Udemy, FNB’s Fundaba, edX and many others! You could even check out some of the UPvisor training courses here.

3. Build Resilience

You have no control over change so it can create a great deal of tension. Therefore, you need to work on cultivating resilience. This will allow you to build a support system and network with your mentors, clients, and potential investors. Then when you are faced with setbacks or challenges, you can rely on your support systems to help you bounce back. Take care of both your physical and mental well-being by taking time out to relax and create a positive environment to clear your mind from any negative thinking.

4. Seek Opportunities

Seek out opportunities and familiarise yourself with them. Be aware of new trends, technologies, inventions, and social platforms. You may find ways to use these to your own advantage and have great leverage to refocus your business. Spending time networking with your colleagues, but also looking for industry-related events where you can see what your competitors are doing, will both help you to find new opportunities to grow your business.


5. Innovate Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage your own emotions but to also understand the emotions of those around you. By building and developing empathy, social and communication skills, you will navigate any changing dynamics in your workplace relationships better, and address challenges in our ever-changing world more successfully.


We need to remember that the world is rapidly changing before us and coping with change is an ongoing battle. Change is not a linear process; thus, we need to develop ourselves to leverage, and keep up with the world in flux. Thus, by following these strategies you will find yourself better equipped to navigate and face the challenges that change may bring about in your life. 

Although it won’t be easy, and may even seem tedious, with the right attitude and mindset, you are sure to get through all the challenges it brings about.

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