Reflecting on 2018

Looking back at the progress of our first year

Phew! Blink and you miss it. 2018 is already over! It’s been such a blessed year filled with excitement and new challenges.

2019 looms as we reflect on 2018

UPvisor did a number of public, as well as customised, specially tailored workshops for clients during the year which included:

  • Excel
  • Professional Skills
  • Personal Finance (just a taste)
  • Accounting and Finance

We had the privilege of meeting a variety of individuals that attended the training sessions. Each person brought a special little something to the sessions which meant that each session was unique. We met:

  • 4th year accounting students
  • First year audit trainees
  • Retail Interns
  • Corporate employees from every level and department
  • C-suite executives

Every training session was highly interactive with lots of examples, discussion and time for questions. We trust that every person that attended benefited from the training sessions, not only in terms of technical skills, but also challenging the mindsets that might limit their potential.

UPvisor also provided some consulting services to clients that included working with:

  • PowerBI
  • Process analysis
  • Coaching and mentoring

UPvisor’s first year of running was exciting and filled with new ventures, relationships and challenges. Below a quick overview of the achievements for 2018.

Looking toward 2019

2019 is sure to be filled with even more new relationships, courses and consulting opportunities.
We are looking forward to launching the following training courses early in 2019:

  • Excel Advanced
  • Excel Expert
  • Personal Finance
  • Small Business Accounting

Watch this space to check out our calendar for next year’s training.

It has been a privilege serving my clients and walking with them through their journey of unlocking their potential. We are excited to partner with them (and you) again in 2019!