Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analyses (TNAs) are becoming more popular in industry. This is driven by the need to develop employees for efficient and effective inputs, as well as the demand for personal and career development by so many millennials.

In order to stay current and competitive in the market, a focused commitment towards learning and development should be made by each entity.

Which begs the question, have you recently (within the last year) performed a TNA with your team to determine where there are skill and knowledge gaps? Often the results are surprising as team members have a different outlook on their work than what their managers do. Performing a TNA from both perspectives, is critical in identifying expectation gaps for both the team members and the managers.

With a TNA report, it is possible to not only identify the key skills for each role, but also to identify the training that individuals feel would be critical in the effective performance of their roles. Coupled with this, the importance of formal training as opposed to on-the-job training is emphasized, as formal training sessions are not always the key to reducing the skills gap that exists.

The featured image provides an at-a-glance overview of TNAs and what you can expect from the completion of such an assessment.

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