Kristine Tudhope


Budgeting which Boosts your Small Business

Budgeting that Boosts your Small Business In our recent #FinanceFridays, we’ve been looking a lot at you as the entrepreneur, such as avoiding burnout. This month we’re going to get to grips with budgeting so that your small business doesn’t burnout.  We have a powerful story of getting out of debt by one of our …

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Executing Ideation in Your Small Business

Executing Ideation in Your Small Business Introduction Our celebration of Ideas Month shows how ideation is crucial for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We’ve looked at brainstorming methods, testing your best ideas, crafting where you want to be, making it happen and much more! Are you ready to see your business boom from drawing out fresh ideas …

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Happy Employees

Maximising your Human Resources

Maximising your Human Resources Introduction Business owners and effective leaders know that maximising Human Resources (HR)is essential to generating business growth. In doing so, they also unlock potential through empowering employees. But why do they do this? Because our biggest business asset requires the most attention, right? And people are your most important asset! Managing …

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Leveraging assets

Leveraging your Business Assets

Leveraging Your Business Assets Introduction To start off our blog series about profitability and productivity, we look at leveraging our financial and physical assets to increase profitability. Every business owner values their investments. As small- to medium-sized businesses, we can gain the biggest return by managing your assets well. So, we will work through five …

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