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Cash Flow Management

Getting more cash in your business account…! Outcomes Understanding the differences between cash and profit Unpacking concepts around Working Capital Management Options to fund and finance your business Strategies to improve your cash flow Take action with YOUR business A pre-requisite for this course is that “Unlock the Secrets of your Income Statement” needs to …

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Attaching value to your Outputs

Pricing can make or break the success of your business… Price too low, and you’ll go broke too soon. Price too high and you’ll be pushed out of the market. So getting this crucial concept JUST RIGHT is really important. Join us for this workshop where we deal with topics like pricing strategies pitfalls of …

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Attaching value to your inputs

Costing inputs can be really hard. Plus, we might not even be considering aaaall our inputs. And when last did you evaluate the cost of your time? During this Power Hour session, we look at a few concepts, techniques and things to consider when costing your products and services. Whether you’re an established business worried …

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