ZOOM Module 3: Advanced Zoom Features

Okay, so you know how to move around in Zoom? Great! Let’s get you settled in with more advanced topics such as: Streaming to FacebookUsing Breakout RoomsSharing multiple participants’ screensUsing polls

ZOOM Module 2: Best Practices

Whether you’re on Zoom or a different platform, video calls come with their own set of rules. Understanding and communicating best practices to your attendees and clients will enable you to run a wildly successful meeting! The most important part of this module is around security settings. Avoid Zoom-bombing at all costs! (Except it doesn’t …

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ZOOM Module 1: An Overview of Zoom

Are you used to seeing your clients face to face? But then lockdown arrived, and suddenly you can’t! Perhaps you feel like you’re losing touch with existing clients and battling to secure new ones? And maybe you’re even trying to figuring out how to use the online space to deliver your previous in-person services? Well, …

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